Fabulous Foot Care, Wonderful Results!

Your feet are a priceless part of your body. It is important to maintain good hygiene of your feet so that you can be comfortable, improve your mobility, and remain active and healthy.

Happy Feet Foot Care, LLC offers a mobile, professional foot care service by licensed nurses in Colorado. Good foot care is essential to remaining independent and healthy. Our experienced and insured nurses will provide gentle care, while pampering your feet, to help maintain the the mobility of elderly individuals, diabetics, and those who simply desire or need foot care. Our nurses will spoil your feet with the tender loving care that you deserve!

We specifically meet the needs of those who do not require the care of a specialist, and simply desire our foot care and spa services.

"Serving South Metro Denver"

"I am a diabetic, and I love the gentle care I receive when my feet are being worked on. It makes my feet feel heavenly!"
Myrna Christensen
"I cracked my nail while I was skateboarding, and I managed to get some sticky sap on it. I was so happy when they smoothed off the crack and cleaned off the sap. My nail was like new! I loved the foot soak. My feet feel so good!"
Mark Dolezal, 18 years old
"My feet feel fabulous when I get my pedicure. They are so gentle when they work on my feet. I love it when my feet are being soaked. My feet feel like baby feet again!"
Miriam Fernandez
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